Friday, December 28, 2012

Eight squares from an irresistible charm pack (Moda Salt Air) and a few hours to muck about at The Sewing Space ...

... a quilted patchwork cover for my new tablet - a Samsung Tab 2 10.1 - it fits!

I used the technique of cutting quarter-square triangles for the patchwork. Matching the points was not so easy!
I decided to try quilting in the ditch rather than any free-motion this time. When I made the quilt sandwich I trimmed the wadding close to the side seam so that it would not be bulky when I made it into a bag.
Two squares was enough to make the binding for the top.
If I made another I might make a pocket lining instead.
My record - such as it is - of knitting projects, aspirations, and stash has sort of migrated to Ravelry (I'm puddock on there too). However, I've recently started doing more sewing, so I thought I would post details of the occasional project here.

Here's something I made for my fabulous Aunty Gunny. She received a Kitchen Aid for Christmas last year, and her birthday is in January. She loved the mixer but was disappointed that it didn't come with a cover, so I decided to make her one. I adapted an online tutorial and worked on it down at The Sewing Space. The fabric was mostly recycled (the grey is a stiffish material, the dark green binding and lining - which matches Gunny's kitchen - used to be bedlinen) and I went to town with the free-motion quilting. The writing on the sides is a quotation from my son - "Aunty Gunny makes the best cakes".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am temporarily reviving the knitblog for my knitted breast appeal.
Along with a group of others, I'm just about to qualify as a breastfeeding peer supporter for East Kent. We support women who want to breastfeed by helping with antenatal classes, visiting maternity units, and keeping community BFing groups going.
It sounds improbably lentil-weaverish, but knitted boobs are fantastically useful to BFPSs, especially for demostrating good attachment and techniques for hand-expressing milk comfortably and effectively (very useful especially for premature or unwell babies). You don't want to freak someone out by demonstrating with your own breast, and it's rather impolite to grab theirs, so a nice friendly knitted one is the way forward.
I've just made this one, but I reckon we could use at least a dozen. The pattern is here (courtesy of LCGB via Bliss). [ETA and here is a version with a crochet base option instead.
It takes even less time than a baby hat, and is just the thing for using up flesh-coloured yarn. Jaunty tattoo additions strictly optional. IMO the pattern could easily be rejigged to work in the round too - if anyone wishes to write that up, LMK and I'll post it here.
So is anyone up for it? I will take care of getting them to the right people, where they will be truly appreciated.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Still knitting, socks mostly, but I got out the Frister and Rossman that M's mum gave me for a change and sewed this smocket for my niece's birthday. It used to be a summer shirt of M's - the back provided a big enough piece of fabric for the whole main panel, and I appliqued a piece from the front which already had a pocket, and used an old white shirt for the reverse side. I love the pattern, especially the crossover at the back.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have been knitting more in the last week than I've managed in the previous six months, and it's so nice to have the needles in my hands again. First I wanted to get my fairy godmother's 60th birthday winter hat finished before she visited yesterday - she called in on her way to a weekend at the seaside, so I thought she could get some use out of its cosy earflaps before spring has sprung. I made up the pattern in line with her ideas about what sort of hat she wanted, a sort of garter-stitch chullo with a stockinette crown. It's Noro Kureyon in earthy tones, switching to a plain yarn for the crown. The earflaps were a bit like the Woolly Wormhead ones on P's orange Buzzbee hat, and the crown was more or less Dr Steph's beanie, the rest was all me.
And then the incomparable MsHedgehog came to spend the day with me, P had a long nap then a long walk with his daddy, so we had a lovely solid chunk of time to sit and knit. I'm back on the dodecahedron (sixth point), and she's working on a breathtakingly pretty piece of mosaic knitting in a diamond pattern and two shades of blue Jamieson spindrift - one of those bits of work that you just want to keep admiring and stroking, and totally beyond my cognitive processes at the moment. It looks like an interesting technique though, hm, maybe a little hat...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I love this pattern, though these have taken months to complete... just put buttons on them and sent them off to welcome baby Imogen, who arrived a couple of weeks ago. Knitting time (never mind update-knit-blog time) has shrunk to almost zero. Am trying to decide about my return to work, when and how much; one of the main plusses in the pro column is the possibility of knitting time on the commute!
I'm making Gunny a chullo style hat to her precise specifications, which was supposed to be a birthday present, but I'm already a fortnight late for that. She's visiting on Friday so it must must be done by then. No point presenting people with woolly hats once spring has sprung, now is there.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

This is one of Woolly Wormhead's wee woolly toppers. Despite doing it on completely the wrong size needles (should have been 4.5, somehow the ones I thought were 5mm turned out, too late to rip back, to be 3.25mm instead), it fits well - after a fairly aggressive blocking over a soup bowl. Was off the needles just in time to keep the young master's ears warm now it's got chillier.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Went to the V&A yesterday and saw this silver hatpin - just right for holding cardigans and shawls together I think. Mum and Dad had given me some birthday money to find something to do this with.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

P is three months old and his head is now big enough for his Djevellue! I'm really happy with how it came out, and it keeps his ears nice and warm. I didn't bother with ties (boring to make + possible hazard) but it stays on just fine anyway.
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Knit Day

Here we are with ... well, you know who that is. A lovely time, even though I totally restrained myself on purchases owing to the size of the stash and an imminent house move (gah, but it was hard to let that particular skein of Socktopus's smooshy sock yarn go to another). A nice chance to see knitty pals from work and Ealing stitch-and-bitch. P was in his wrap and mostly very good - he seems to be a big flirt when he's awake, and didn't mind at all having his feet tickled or his head stroked by friendly knitters. By the end of Yarn Harlot's talk we were both tired out and ready to head home though - didn't stay even to get a book signed, despite the thoughtful offer of a free pass to the front of the queue for those with babes-in-arms...
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hand-knit socks, check. Hand-knit cardigan, check. But, to my lasting shame, a shop-bought cotton jersey hat. Hey, the Djevellue is still too small....
Most news still over on the main blog, but we are very excited about the I Knit day a week tomorrow. Well, I am, and Peter is still small enough that he has to go along with me. I'm planning a nice long breastfeed to keep him quiet during the Yarn Harlot's talk.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Knitting on hiatus while we experience the delights of new parenthood; it's all about feeding, burping, nappies and sleeping just now, though I'm sure the needles will be back in my hands soon enough. P's little frog flippers are already too long for the blue rib socks I made him, so they'll be passed on to someone with daintier feet. Please check back soon, and keep up with our general progress on the main blog. Meanwhile, here are P's wonderful presents from my work knitting group, delivered today - a collective effort on the blanket, and MsHedgehog's brilliant puddock as a companion for him.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our little boy arrived three days before his due date in a most obliging way - a swift uncomplicated waterbirth. He's delightful of course, and I hope to be back blogging in a few days.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Last Thursday I was very pleased to make it along to the West London stitch and bitch inaugural midweek meeting in Ealing Common and met some lovely people. The idea is that, through the Ravelry thread, anyone who wants to can propose a night and a venue and it will carry on under its own steam. The next one might be bad timing if the baby arrives more-or-less when s/he's supposed to, but I'd hope to be along to the one after that...
Meanwhile, another pair of bootees done, a new book (thanks MsHedgehog) for baby clothes inspiration, a bit more of the alphabet blanket border, and fairly good progress on the EZ gull cardy. I'm on maternity leave from this Friday on, so I'll probably have very little to do but sit around swilling raspberry leaf tea and finishing all these things off.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here I am working on something or other last week. I'm getting really big now, and trying to decide which knitting project ought to go into my hospital bag. (No, I don't imagine I will be leaning over the side of the birthing pool in established labour working a few more rows - it's more for afterwards if they don't let me come home quickly.) I have a few things on the go now - besides the alphabet blanket border (not portable), more bootees (too small - what if I finish them?) and M's scarf (just doesn't feel like summer knitting, despite the rotten weather), I just cast on Elizabeth Zimmermann's misleadingly named "baby sweater" from her Almanac - it's actually a yoke-plus-lace cardigan, which is giving me the knitting joy that her cunning and concise patterns usually do, and seems to be working up nicely in Rowan Calmer. That's probably the best one for the bag - although I bet I finish it and have to come up with something else long before the baby decides it's time to arrive.
By which time I hope to have my hands on this book, not from Amazon but from IKnit. Their online shop, which I guess will be up and running very soon, looks very shiny and exciting.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another photo post. Here's the BBC lunchtime knitters this week. I am really going to miss our get-togethers when I'm on maternity leave...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Behold, baby knits. This hat is a tribute to how funky garter stitch stripes look on the "wrong" side, and allowed me to use up a load of ends of various worsted weight yarns. I will send it to my friend AP in Seattle for her daughter.

And these bootees are, I think, part of a bootee drive so that I have a little something to give to all my NCT class buddies. I've done both patterns before. The wool for the boxy Debbie Bliss ones was an odd ball from Colinette.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Nearly there with the garter blanket, just another couple of colours to go and the rows are getting shorter and shorter. A real no-brain knit, nice for engrossing telly and a change from lacy things on tiny needles.
I didn't knit this, M's mum did (the pattern came out of last year's Simply Knitting and the wool was Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK, both of which I passed on to her a few weeks ago). I can only claim credit for the rather fine matching buttons which I bought from John Lewis this weekend and sewed on (extra firmly) while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. And no, two blue newborn baby knits ≠ 'it's a boy', I promise. (Though that's what the lady clearing trays in John Lewis told me, without even asking whether I already knew. Hmmm.)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Predictably enough, now the heat is off on the blanket edging, it's progressing slowly and I'm being seduced by other contrasting projects. On the way to N's christening I grabbed some blue sock wool and 2.25mm dpns and started making up a pair of baby socks (cast on 36, 2x2 rib for a bit, heel stitch flap heel, slightly messed up the instep/toe decreases but replicated this on sock #2 so it looks like a design feature instead of a screw-up). I think they are fine, although maybe a tad small. But rib is very forgiving, and s/he will surely have narrow feet like his/her mama, no?
Then I realised my minimal list of stuff required for a newborn included "blanket", and I didn't have one (and will not succumb to nasty pastels), so out came eight balls of Wool of the Andes/Elann Highland Wool in various shades of brown, and I made up a very simple diagonal pattern, using two strands held together, 7.5 mm needles and garter stitch. [Ravelry details; photos to follow once M is back from his travels with my camera.] It's maybe a bit seventies, what with the browns and the diagonal stripes, but I'm hoping it says "sophisticated coffee-and-cream colour combination" rather than "hey it won't show the poo stains". Anyway, it's going dead quickly - so that's why people like big chunky projects - I only cast on this week and am already past the halfway mark - identified by the scientific method of weighing (a) the work so far on one needle, and (b) the remaining wool plus the other needle on my hope-they're-accurate electronic kitchen scales, and switching from KFB to SSK when a approaches b.