Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Knit Day

Here we are with ... well, you know who that is. A lovely time, even though I totally restrained myself on purchases owing to the size of the stash and an imminent house move (gah, but it was hard to let that particular skein of Socktopus's smooshy sock yarn go to another). A nice chance to see knitty pals from work and Ealing stitch-and-bitch. P was in his wrap and mostly very good - he seems to be a big flirt when he's awake, and didn't mind at all having his feet tickled or his head stroked by friendly knitters. By the end of Yarn Harlot's talk we were both tired out and ready to head home though - didn't stay even to get a book signed, despite the thoughtful offer of a free pass to the front of the queue for those with babes-in-arms...
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